Sunday, June 14, 2009


This morning Alex decided that his dummy's could go in the rubbish bin!
He has done this before and then a couple of hours later he has fished them out and washed them ready for bedtime.

But today he forgot all about them. I didn't! And they were duely fished out, washed and hidden in a cupboard.
That is where they still are at this present moment of 7.50pm.
Alex on the other hand is upstairs in bed, without one!

We have had a 5 minute rage, because there wasn't one available for bed, but we just calmly explained that he had thrown them out and I had cleared the rubbish. He even went so far as to ask me to go see if the bags were still beside the road!
After a while he calmed down, obviously realising that mum and dad were not about to produce one for him and he has now settled for the night without one.

So first 30 minutes looking good so far, will keep you posted as to how the night goes and how we get on over the next few nights.
One more milestone getting crossed off, next it will be 2 little boys dry at night without nappies!
Even before I managed to hit 'Publish Post', Alex has crept downstairs and demanded his dummy. It is going to be a long night!


Needled Mom said...

Good luck!!!!! Can't wait to hear the end of the story.

Kent and Leisy said...

we are working on getting rid of ours as well! let me know if you come up with anything successful!