Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mad Morning

The other morning didn't go quite as planned I expected!
Ok mornings are like that, but this one just went!

On the days I work, I get up before anyone else as I get the bus to work. So there I was sorting out the lunches and realised that with the boys raiding the pantry for sandwiches the evening before, we didn't have much bread!
Worked out what we had enough for and realised that I was not getting any bread for my breakfast. Now I am not a breakfast person, well I am not someone who will eat breakfast as soon as they get up. I like to wait an hour or so.
So I decided that if I left the house early enough I could sneak into McDonalds and treat myself to a Sausage and Egg McMuffin before the bus arrived.

Left the house at a suitable time and consequently watched one of the buses drive straight on past! So no McDonalds for me today as I was not sure when the next bus would arrive.

Got to work, sorted the stuff I needed and casually mentioned to my colleague that I was leaving sooner to get to the school as I was going through the McD's drive thru to get breakfast. Hang free she said, there is toast etc in the kitchen. So they pushed me that way and I ended up making breakfast for 3! It was nice too.
As we left the building, so my mobile rang. It was Steve to say he couldn't find his car keys and could I please help. So after a little shuffling around, I zoomed home in another work car and rescued my husband. He took Ben to school and I rushed Alex to Daycare.
I knew the Nurse we were working with was planning on getting morning tea, so I stopped via a shop and got a nice slice to share. Thought it would go down nice as I had messed a few people around that morning.
Knew the school I was going to, but didn't account for taking the wrong turning in the fog. Hamilton has some nice back country roads, when you don't have 100% of an idea as to where you are, in the fog!
I was driving imagining the conversation I would have with them when I called to say I was lost....

"Hi, thanks for letting me run home to rescue my husband, but now I am lost in fog! Where is the school again?"

I finally managed to find the school and the rest of the day actually went ok.
I called Steve at 11am to see if he had located his keys, he said not yet, but that he thought he knew where they were.
I know he was busy that day with a guy from Auckland, so I knew not to call him too often. But at 3pm I called once again just to check about the keys. He said he would be sorting it soon.

Left it at that.
When he got home, I didn't mention it, but then I suddenly remembered and he said yes he had found his keys.
With which he then walked to his jacket that was hanging at the bottom of the stairs, where it had actually been all day as he had decided not to wear it today, and then consequently took the keys out of the pocket!

Don't you just love husbands!

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