Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day Off

Ben has had his first official day off school.
Alex woke this morning not feeling 100% so I made the simplest decision in that Steve could take the car, as I was staying home all day and wouldn't require the car. As it was Wednesday, it was a usual day for us to stay home anyway.

Ben however got himself all in a fluster this morning and was really not 100% himself! So after a big hug I asked if he wanted to stay home and he said 'yes'.
Now this is quite a surprise as he is the child that loves school. He often gets annoyed because he can't go to school on a Saturday!

So suddenly I realised I was at home for the whole day with 2 children who were not 100% and generally just wanted a quiet day at home.
So they got dressed, snuggled under a blanket and watched kids tv for a few hours.

Perfect way to spend a day when feeling under the weather, which by the way has been beautiful today and so I got all the washing done!

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