Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sour Note

As I was doing the shopping this morning, I decided to treat myself to the local weekend paper. Not sure when I will get time to read it, but if it is there then you never know.
Well after all the cooking I have done and the fact that dinner is taken care of, I thought I would give myself 5 minutes now.

The front page headline was "Swine Flu at School But Doors Stay Open"

So far no worries, till I read the first sentence of the article.........

"XYZ Primary School is set to remain open - despite one of its boys yesterday becoming one of the latest cases of swine flu."

Oh %&#*! really glad I got the paper this weekend because that is actually my sons school.

So a quick yell to Ben to see if he has any notes from school for us?
No he says, but then you never can quite trust a 51/2 yr old.
So a quick search of his bag and low and behold, there is a note from the local Public Health Dept informing us of the situation.

I am not altogether that worried, I know that there is nothing to jump up and down about. They have the case under control.
They have informed us on the day they discovered the results, which was yesterday (Friday) and it is obvious that the boy is not in Ben's class because it mentions that we would have received further notice if he was in the actual class.

But, hey, am I glad I bought the weekend paper today!