Sunday, November 06, 2011

Challenge #19 - Go to a Sunday Market

Like I promised over here, I finally managed to get everyone out of the door on a Sunday morning to visit the local Farmer's Market.
We were lucky as we managed to visit before the rain set in.
The market smelt great, all these different smells from food cooking and so many people walking around eating.
The many things I saw today were green lettuces or strawberries, there were at least 4 strawberry stalls and they were all bigger and fresher than the next.

carrots anyone, they were so cute

The boys are strawberry mad so we had to come home with some.

big red and so juicy fresh, picked from the field this morning!

The boys just couldn't keep their hands off the strawberries but then neither could we. I asked them to describe the market and they said the following although I think they were referring to just the strawberries they were eating at the time:
  • Yummy
  • Fresh
  • So Ripe
  • So Juicy
  • Country Fresh
  • Smell delish
There was also one or 2 bread and pastry stalls. One had amazing croisants with fillings and another sold my most favorite bread of all time brioche....!

In fact the brioche is tasting so sweet and fresh as I write this munching on a slice!
Today I am thankful for the world, for giving us the ability to be able to grow our own food. For giving us the sun & the rain, the cold & the warmth needed to grow these wonderful flavoursome goodies. Also for giving us the ability and know how to be able to do it.


Alison said...

Glad you got something else scored off your list!
Alison xx

Cat said...

Well done you!
I've done the market challenge but not taken photos or blogged - you've inspired me !! !!