Monday, November 07, 2011


At this time of year the local gardens does a scarecrow day.
Sometime prior, I must find out when, they make a call for scarecrows to go on display and be judged in several different catagories.
By chance I heard this on the radio so decided we would have a quick visit to view the scarecrows.
What follows is a picture album of some (yes some) of the wonderful scarecrows we saw around the gardens. Some were acting as guides to the main event. The ones for voting on all had numbers.

The one Alex loved

My favorite

My 2nd favorite

The one Ben loved

Unfortunately it rained and so we wandered around with umbrellas looking at them all and voting on our paper to say which one we liked in each catagory and which one should be overal winner.

Unfortunately due to the weather, we didn't stick around for the big unvaling of who won.

This trip around the gardens made me think of harvest time. We sadly do not celebrate harvest thanksgiving here in NZ, well they may in the churches but the school don't, the other thing to consider is the fact that our harvest thanksgiving would fall about April time as summer has ended and autumn is in full bloom then.

So for today I am thankful to all the creative people out there who were prepared to create and showcase their wonderful abilities.


kimara said...

How fun! They need to do that contest here

Alison said...

My fave is the same as Alex's..but they're all great! The town I lived in in NE ENgland had a scarecrow Festival every year, and the local schools all participated
Alison xx