Thursday, November 10, 2011

November 10 Things

10 things from the last month
  1. The sleeps left until we fly to Nelson for a family wedding
  2. The number of times I have seen the doctor in the last week! Conjunctivitus is not fun!
  3. The hours of overtime I put in at work 2 days ago, although I did get the time back.
  4. Number of postcards I sent this week for postcrossing
  5. x this by 4 to get the Gb we now have per month from our broadband provider! They just keep increasing our amount for no extra charge. We are not complaining.
  6. The age in weeks of our new great nephew who we meet for the first time this upcoming weekend
  7. "Days" is an improvisation show about stuff happening in the news on tv and we are seeing their live national tour at the end of the month.
  8. Sleeps until my birthday
  9. Take this number away from #10
  10. x this by 5, then minus #9 and that is my age next week!
Have a great month

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Alison said...

Have a lovely time at the wedding!
Alison xx