Monday, November 07, 2011

Flexi Time

In my new position at work I am suddenly sat at a desk with flexi time.
It is easy to get carried away with this but oh how life has just got easier and not so stressed.
I know in my line of work that you do sometimes have to be the person who is told what to do, when to do it and how, that is life as a nurse.
However to suddenly be at a desk and told that generally you give and we will take and we are flexible about when you give and when we take is exciting to get use to. Especially as the boss doesn't really want to know every detail of what you are doing and when, he wants you to use your initiative and show him the result at the end, which usually means he wants to see the job finished!

I have finished (well as long as my result comes through good this weekend coming!) my study for the year, so therefore Wednesday are back to being my days to me and to get things sorted.
However being in a new position there are occassions when a meeting comes up on a Wednesday and I know it is important to be there, so I have planned it with my manager that 'if and I mean if' I have to come to work on a Wednesday then I will take the time back on another day during the week. Saves changing payroll and everything just for an hour or 2.

He is happy with this and in fact it is working to my advantage, even though it is nice to have one day a week to get things done it is also nice to know that I can finish an hour early for something when needed.

For some reason, I seem to have succumbed to 3 hours of work this Wednesday (don't worry I won't make a habit of it but job is so new) but on the other hand I am finishing early tomorrow and getting my hair cut and finishing early on Thursday before weekend away, so in fact all works out very nicely.

Could get very use to this line of work, might have to look at getting contract extended next year!

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