Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Spring Time

For us here in New Zealand, the clocks have changed and the weather is getting better.
It is having 2 steps forward and 1 step back at the moment, but the sun is shining more and the days are so much more enjoyable.

Yesterday was one of those days when the sun shone and it was glorious.
The garden was showing proof of it too so thought I would share it with you.....

excuse the weeds in between the slabs, these plants are ground cover and they have done nothing until the clocks changed and the sun started getting to them each morning. Wouldn't mind but the tab said 'shade loving ground plants!'

Proof of a great sunny day, full line of washing

strawberries coming along nicely

Lemon tree went in Nov last year, has grown beautifully and even has buds on it

Courgette plant, although may have to move as I think it is too high in this built up area

Steve was convinced this tree in the neightbours garden was dead and then suddenly, hey presto, blossom

Garlic, growing well

Tomatoes starting well

Alex wanted some roses in the garden, yellow one which has grown at least double its height and ready to flower. Will show pictures of flowers when they bloom

Potatoes and more potatoes

Rhodo in bloom

Red rose waiting to burst its colour

Other red rose waiting to burst

Sunflower starting to poke though, need to move that irrigation pipe though!

Sunflower poking through, this seed was taken from flowers grown last year, so wasn't sure if it would grow or not

Hydrangea growing nicely, although not sure on colour, will let you know when flowers appear

Camillea still in full bloom

We have done some major work to the garden and I really should show you all sometime.
Just need to sit and go through all the pictures and work out which ones to show on here.


Linds said...

The garden is growing beautifully! It is way ahead of where mine was in spring, I have to say - and I can't wait to see all the colour in a month or 2. It will be stunning!

Alison said...

Love the plants you have growing in your garden...they'll look fab with a bit more sun!
Alison xx

Cat said...

Your garden is lovely!
Ours has been ATTACKED by massive amounts of slugs n snails this year.