Friday, November 25, 2011

News Items

There are always things happening in the news that catches my eye, interesting little stories that probably are not much, but interesting to read and understand.
This week in New Zealand I have read 3 stories that interested me.

1) Whilst erecting a Christmas tree in Auckland Viaduct this week, the helicopter used to raise it got its rotor blade struck by one of the wires assisting the tree and did a 180 degree flip onto the concret below. The pilot walked away from the wreck and to an extent was lucky he was so low to the ground when it happened. I am sure if you search the internet or check out the New Zealand Herald website you will be able to see video footage of the whole thing, as there were many people video the spectacular sight of this tree going up.

2) 6 girls at a local college (aged between 13-15) got taken to hospital this week after one of the girls brought, what they think were Ecstasy tablets, to school and proceeded to take them along with the other girls. Unfortunately they all had agressive side effects, getting abusive and agressive.
The girls have all been suspended from school and when 2 of them did visit the school gates to see mates they received a lot of verbal abuse from other pupils for their stupidty. They are still waiting for the toxicology reports to come back to knwo exactly what the sunstance was that was taken.
The big question at present is where did the pills come from? The answer tcirculating is that one of the girls obtained them from her parents stash in the house!
Again check out the above link to read more on this.

3) This item is not really a big headline story, but you just feel so sorry for them.
A little 13 month old girl burnt the soles of her feet when she stood on tiles on the balcony that had been heated by the sun. As she had not long learnt to walk, her reactions and ability to move quickly were still not mastered. She stood on the tiles and her little feet got burnt.
The parents did all the correct things for treatment of burns and she is currently in hospital receiving treatment.
Her father, got a thermometer and tested the temp on the tiles in the sun and discovered that they had gone to 69C. the tiles were made of basalt stone. The home was new and the parents had no idea this could happen to the tiles when they laid them, however, they were again reiterating the fact that the child didn't have the reaction ability to move off the tiles fast enough when she discovered them to be so hot.

The helicopter pilot, well he is just so lucky, especially when you see the video, makes you grateful for all littel miracles that come our way.
The girls with the tablets, were just plain stupid, but at the end of the day, they were being teenagers, but think they might have learnt the hard way about trying things out.
The little girl, she will have months of rehab and will have to learn to walk again but makes you realise the power of the sun nowadays.

Whats happening in the news in your country this week?

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Alison said...

Your helicopter footage reached UK TV yesterday...that pilot was SO though was the guy standing below it! What a shame about the little girl's feet...and I'm glad we got Kirsty through the teenage years fairly unscathed!
Alison xx