Saturday, November 05, 2011

Too Much Tv

Today whilst getting dressed, my 2 boys came into the bedroom.
Now they know our bedroom door is always open and I have no worries getting dressed in front of them.
However this morning the conversation with Ben went like this:

B: Mummy, why do you wear a bra?
M: Because it is what ladies wear to keep their boobies looking nice.
B: Well you should try an 'Ah Bra'!
M: Couldn't speak as I was laughing so much I just about fell over!
B: Mummy, why are you laughing?
M: Because you are so cute and adorable!

An 'Ah Bra' for those of you that don't know, is a bra that is currently advertised on tv as the next best thing! Haha, looks like crap if you ask me but I just had to laugh so much the fact that Ben had watched the ad and taken so much on board!

In normal fashion they always have deals on about 'Buy 1 get 6 Free' To me if they are so wonderful then why doesn't Littlewoods and Farmer's sell them?


Michelle said...

Funny boy!! My aunty got given a couple and she said they were crap for her big boobs. But I agree with ya, they do look like crap!

Alison said...

Too funny...and they DO look as much good as a chocolate fireplace!
Alison xx