Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Alex is our nuturing and caring one in the family, well after me that is.
He loves babies.
If we had gone on to have a 3rd child I would have had a mother's helper from day 1, in fact I probably would have had to fight him for the baby sometimes.

He patiently waited 2 days to manage to get a snuggle with Dylan whilst in Nelson!

There was always someone else getting a snuggle before him (not always me) or because Dylan was only 6 weeks old he was tired, grouchy or even hungry and screamed the moment Alex had hold of him.
Finally on the Sunday, there was hardly anyone around, he had had a good sleep followed by a good feed and we managed to catch 15 minutes for Alex to have him

He was in his element snuggled there with Dylan and happily sat for ages snuggling him.
So cute.

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