Tuesday, November 29, 2011


As mentioned before, I have joined Postcrossings, a postcard exchange website.
We have been receiving a few cards recently and the boys are loving it when another card arrives from somewhere else in the world. They are just beginning to realise that there are other countries out in the big wide world. For a long time they thought everything was in New Zealand!

These are the ones we have received recently:

From Japan

From China
This is of course helping me in my quest with sending snail mail each week. Sadly I haven't been that creative with what I am sending lately, but I am still managing to send something each week

This week I have just sent out 4 more postcards.
They have gone this time to America, Finland, China and Germany.

I was lucky enough to find some lovely cards of Hamilton and landmarks of New Zealand in a local $2 shop for 50c each. Really do need to keep an eye out for postcards so I have a collection ready for when I need to send more out. Some of the people who you send to have specific requests on the type they would like to receive! None with multi pictures on them, no churches, no animals etc Sometimes I think people should just be grateful for what they receive and enjoy receiving them.

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