Friday, March 30, 2012

Blood Pressure

Do you have problems with your blood pressure?
It is a common enough problem.

As parents I am sure our pressure has risen higher than it should on occassions, but then they always do something to make it come back down again, got to love them!

Steve's is high, I mean way to take medication high!
However in the last 2 days if he could give me some of his high blood pressure then it would assist me with my rather too low blood pressure! The doctor laughed at this and said 'if only'

Yesterday morning my blood pressure decided that I had to have a close encounter with the wardrobe! I am fine I am not hurt, luckily the wardrobe made me sit back down on the bed where I was able to close my eyes until the room had stood still.
Once I was up and going I was fine for the rest of the day.
This morning when I lifted my head off the pillow the room was swirling not nicely, so I put it back down again.
This time I got Steve to check my BP before I even got out of bed.
He had trouble finding it at 90/60. It is usually 120/70 which is good by the way the other is too low.
So Alex kindly got mummy a drink and I decided that I would stay home, but half hour later I decided that I was fine for work and off we went.

I was however a good girl and made an appointment at the doctor.
He sent me for a whole heap of blood tests as when I saw him it was only just 102/65.

I feel sort of fine, a little light headed but able to carry on. I am tired so am resting when I feel like it.
When we got home from work it was 90/68 and I have a feeling that if I checked it again now it would be pretty much the same, I can tell by how wishy washy my head feels. Seems there is a reason to have a decent blood keeps you on your feet! Although the boys loved listening to my BP as because it was quite low it didn't get uncomfortable when Steve blew the cuff up each time so the boys could listen to my BP through the stethoscope.

What is funny is I found this next picture in Google images whilst searching for the above picture....

I am not exercising as much as 30 mins a day but I am loosing weight however if that is making my blood pressure go down then maybe I will love the weight I have and not complain!

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Alison said...

Sorry to hear you aren't feeling so grand...hope you perk up over the weekend. My BP runs on the low side too, but it hasn't caused me any problems so far!
Alison xx