Wednesday, March 07, 2012

New Design?

Are you happy with the new blogger interface?
Do you use the new design?

By accident a few weeks ago I changed over to the new blogger interface and I am not sure about it. It has taken time to get use to, I do like the layout of the new post page, having everything across the top of the page is working but the rest of the website I am finding difficult to use.

It won't work at work anymore because it doesn't mix with basic google nor does my lap top seem to like the new interface.
However last night I found a button that allowed me to revert back to the old blogger interface and suddenly I feel like I am home again.

I want to keep moving with the times but at the same time I wish the move wasn't so drastic.
Am I the only one struggling with this change, is it something I will have to bite the bullet on sooner or later as it will be the only interface available?
Honestly I am trying, really hard, I just wish all my computers were accepting of it!

How are you finding it?


Alison said...

I went back to the original as well..and like you, feel much more at home!
Alison xx

Laurie said...

I went back as well...complicated and the brain was not accepting it ..hugs mum x