Friday, March 09, 2012

Weight Lose

Although it is not been mentioned much I am making an effort to loose some weight.
I have joined Weight Watchers at work and am plodding along slow and steady.
But then in my mind it needs to be slow and steady to maintain, I find if you have a huge blow out of weight loss then you tend to put it back on again the next few weeks because you go back to eating normal again.
That is also why I am doing WW, I want to see how I am loosing weight whilst still eating normal everyday food, whether it be in the same portion as before or by making the portions slightly smaller. That way I know what is working and am not stressed out about having just had a chocolate bar or 3 lollies from the packet.

I am in awe of anyone who can loose weight via shakes and soups and then maintain that when they stop eating those set items.
I couldn't and that was a strength I recognised straight away.
This week I have still had a loss but not as great as previous weeks, but then I know there have been a few influencing factors and maybe next week will be different.
Seeing as this has only been a 3-4 week journey so far then I am not worried, I think you need that first month to encounter all the challenges that life throws your way. You see the differences in weight loss for each week and now know how to deal with it in the coming weeks/months.

So I am expecting nice things for the week a head, a nice weight loss and steady going. I know what went wrong in the last week and now what is good. So slow and steady will continue on, little steps by little steps.


Needled Mom said...

I do think that WW is the best one out there. They teach you the correct way to regulate your food and there seem to be more success stories in keeping the weight off afterwards.

debs14 said...

Slow and steady gets the best results in the end! Everyone who tries the shakes and liquids diet always seem to put it back on again. I'm a Rosemary Conley girl which is similar to WW and it works for me. Good luck and don't be downhearted if there are weeks that are more successful than others!

Alison said...

WW worked for me last year- I lost 3stones last year, and have totally changed my eating habits. Keep at it..and Deb is right-some weeks aren't so successful, but you just pick yourself up and start again!
Alison xx