Sunday, March 11, 2012


I go in fazes where I get stuck in a book and woe behold anything get in my way.
Sometimes I can be strong and know that if I start a book I won't put it down so I don't start it until I know there is nothing going to get missed by me reading it.
Other times I can go weeks without reading a book!
However what I can't do is go to sleep at night without reading something.
Magazines work best, because books, as mentioned get addictive and suddenly I find myself still reading at midnight!

So I am always finding magazines to read. People bring them to Judo to share, there is the biggest pile of them in the reception at work, so I borrow the magazine and then return it 2 days later.
The ones I like the best and this may shock some of you is People's Friend.

The normal magazine comes weekly

Or you get a Fireside that is filled with extra stories every couple of months

Or you get a seasonal special
I know, I know, an old magazine, usually aimed at old people, but the little short stories in them are great. they are always feel good stories but they are just enough to read 1 or 2 of before falling asleep.
My mum seems to get them from friends and when she has finished with them she passes them on to me. I then in turn usually pass them on to a waiting room either at the hospital or the doctors surgery.
I happily enjoy reading the gossip magazines but sometimes there is nothing interesting in them to read and I really don't need to know what the Kardashien's are up to this week!

So I may be old before my time, but I will happily continue to read all and any People's Friends that come my way.

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Alison said...

I used to love reading my Gran's 'People's Friend'...haven't read one in years!
Alison xx