Saturday, March 24, 2012


Here in New Zealand, as I am sure is happening in all countries, they are trying to get the young to realise that smoking is not cool, it is not friendly and it is not our future (as the campaign goes).

They have come up with several slogans and teamed these up with some famous New Zealanders to promote. Thus in turn hoping that if they see one of the sports stars or actors that they like promoting that smoking is not cool then maybe they will listen and not smoke.
These promotions are everywhere, adverts on buses, bus shelters, in magazines, on the radio and tv.

They have decided to put them on the back of the buses used by the bus company to move school children, again hoping that they will be more readily seen by this part of the population.
The buses used are normal everyday buses that just have a fold down sign on the back that then lets you know it is currently a 'school' bus.
The fold down sign is big and bright and yellow and clearly visable.
However what some one didn't think about is the effect of the 'not smoke campaign' and the word 'SCHOOL' when it was visable.

So now we have ended up with the following happening.......
Take one campaign slogan........"What gave you the idea that smoking was cool?" then in bright letters you conveniently have the words "SCHOOL"

The 2nd campaign slogan was......"Take action, take control, quit"........."SCHOOL"

A few red faces at the moment as they realise what the back of the buses now say!
Apparently when they come up with more slogans they will try them on the back of the bus with the school sign first to ensure it reads ok.

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Sally said...

That is so funny.