Wednesday, March 07, 2012


Last week we woke to find the Police in our street doing random breath testing! At 7am.

Apparently they still have a very high success rate of catching people over the limit the next morning!

I pointed it out to the boys and explained what they were doing. The boys were quite fascinated about this and carried on the conversation for most of the time whilst getting ready.
They asked all sorts of questions to get an understanding about alcohol and why they were testing people.

When the boys were ready they went outside to watch some more.
Firstly they went out on the pavement on their bikes but one of the Police Officers asked them where their helmets were so they sheepishly came back in again! You must wear a helmet when riding a bike here.
I then went out to them and we stood watching for a while. It was very quiet so I actually walked the boys over to the Officer and asked to look at what they were doing. She gladly obliged and even went so far as to let the boys both be breathalysed.

They thought this was so cool.

When we left the house, I got stopped because I was the driver and consequently was breathalysed, which showed "No Alcohol Present". I would expect nothing less.
Because it was quiet I also asked if she could do Steve as well, I knew he had had some wine after Judo the night before, so was interested to find out if any was still present 11 hours later.
Hey, better to find these things out when in safe conditions than when driving and being pulled over!
She happily obliged to this as well and his too showed "No Alcohol Present".
Just nice to know the effect of a certain amount of wine the night before on your abilities the next morning.

The boys on the other hand were well chuffed that all of the family got breathalysed and passed!

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