Thursday, March 22, 2012

Getting Older

Today the school are having some discos.
The junior disco will be straight after school and the senior disco will be at 6.30pm.

Alex will be attending the junior disco as this goes up to Yr 3 and therefore Ben will now be attending the senior disco!
Last night Alex negotiated all his money, we happily agreed to pay for the door entry and also a little towards some snacks. He then mentioned that he wanted to get some "Glow Glasses" like glow sticks but shaped as glasses, however we are well aware that he has money sitting in his wallet in his room, so we told him what we would pay for and that if he wanted anything extra he had to pay.
He happily got his money out and sorted what he was having and how much it would cost.
This morning he happily went to school with his wallet full of the money required to get him through his disco after school.

Ben on the other hand, will be collected at the end of school and taken home. He will then go back to school later tonight for his disco. He is more chuffed at the fact the disco does not finish until 8.30pm than about the actually disco.
As I am on the PTA then I have volunteered to help at the senior disco, so I will be there with him, to an extent. I will be helping in the kitchen with the food whilst he is out there sharing his stuff with his mates.
He is a very friendly outgoing person when he wants to be, so will be interesting to see how he handles being in a more relaxed enviroment and with older kids around. This disco goes up to Yr 8 (13yr old) Ben at present is Yr 4 and only just turning 9, so quite an age difference to contend with.
He too has to sort his money out before he goes tonight. We again have agreed to pay for the entry and towards snacks but any glow stick extras he wants, he will have to fund himself.

This was my decision to make them use their own money, when I mentioned it to Steve he agreed and said they had to understand that money wasn't just there for them to use whenever they felt like it.
We currently do not do pocket money and I am not sure when we might start it, but at least they are getting some understanding of money.

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