Saturday, March 10, 2012

Change Time

Change of seasons that is.
Officially the 1st March is the change time from Summer to Autumn here in New Zealand.
However in normal true fashion, someone always forgets to inform the weather man that we have changed, and this usually leads to us having exceptionally good weather when it is meant to be getting cooler.

Sadly we are not having this this year. Instead we are having daily reports on the radio about how crap summer was this year, how we have had the cloudiest summer for a while, how the crops may not be so good due to lack of direct sunlight or even that they are having a good start with all the rain we have had etc.

The boys have been doing swimming at school since they went back, which is usual here as this is the summer time, but this week is the end, they have had swimming sports this week and it has been a struggle to get the children enthused for it because the water in the pool is so cold none of them want to get in! The swimming gear will be put away this weekend and not see again until November December time.

We have a heat pump in the house and we try our hardest to not use it until absolutely necessary. This means I will not consider even turning the heat on until after April 1, that way we then manage to have the heater not in use for at least 5-6 months of the year. My attitude is that if you are cold in the evening put a sweater on or wrap a blanket round you. We have the heater going permanently from May to October so every bit of time we don't have it going is saving us money towards when it is going.
Easter is in early April this year so with everything going on then maybe I can even stretch it out to beginning of May this year!

Maybe this autumn we will get one of those lovely warm ones where the colours are all alive and vibrant and you ahve some lovely crisp days walking in the forest watching the world change once again, who knows?

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