Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Taylor Swift

We went, we saw, we enjoyed.

Yes we made it to the concert with the 50 thousand other screaming young girls.
I think this concert was 'the man upstairs' way of showing Steve and I why we are truely blessed with the 2 little boys we have. Our boys don't scream, well Alex does but minor detail now when we think about it, man can girls scream and I mean high piercing, get right to the middle part of your brain type scream.

The concert itself was a wonderful stage show, she really thought about how to give the crowd a show.
The stage was well designed and the costumes well planned.
It was obvious that we were seeing a brave well brought up 22 yr old because the whole show had a young feel to it, but it was delightful to see.
Yes, as mentioned in the press, she had many changes of clothes, and yes she played many an instrument along the way.

The way she was able to make the audience scream just by standing there and looking first left, then centre and then right. She did it with a simple smile on her face and made sure she looked in every direction. It was effective and simple.

The trap doors all over the stage. Several times throughout numbers, she would start on the stage solo and then suddenly her dancers would just spring up to life from underneath, with quite a height too. Again very effective. There were many acrobatic sequences within the show and the dancers had great range of style that was effective.

Twice she brought the show to the back of the venue from the stage. The first time she actually walked off the stage and wandered down an aisle past the pit, this caused total bedlum, but I got the feeling that people loved that she came close to them. She then sat on a platform with a tree lit up behind her and sang 2 songs at this end of the venue. It meant all who were not sat close to the stage actually got to see her closer and it too was effective.
The other time was in the finalie when she sang her Romeo and Juliet Song and she actually got into a balcony shaped basket and floated around the venue, with limitations, over the pit crowd and just to the edge of the seated areas. The people at the back were very happy she came forward to them.

I guess the other time that made all happy was when she came up on a settee, singing a song in this beautiful pink dress but the top half was covered with an All Blacks Rugby shirt. The crowd went wild. When she had finished the song she again just sat there with that simple smile on her face looking in all directions again, getting the reaction she intended to get for it. Simply done and very effective, very well planned on their part.

The boys, well they were some of the only males in the venue. Ben got into the show a lot more than Alex did but they both sang along to songs they knew.
There was never really a time when the whole venue was stood dancing, it just wasn't that type of show, although there were those that did stand and sway to the whole show.
There were the ones who, when it got quiet, yelled out 'we love you Taylor!' however what made this really funny was in one of the quiet moments, someone yelled this out, and someone else in the area was able to fit in "we love you more" it was a perfect moment that everyone laughed at.

The show finished quite late, we got back to the car for about 11pm. Alex started to slow right down at about 10pm and Ben started complaining about a headache not long after this, however I soon realised that he winced when the girls screamed more than when the music was actually playing, but then I was wincing when they screamed too. So whenever I could tell they were about to scream within the audience I quickly put my hands over his ears, just wish there had been someone there to do the same for me!
We were sensible and took their pyj's with us and a blanket, so once back at the car we got them changed and they were both asleep in the car before we had left the last Auckland suburd on the motorway.
This was useful because I wish we could say we had an uneventful journey back.

I will post about this later.......!
I do have some pictures that I took in the arena on the night, but nothing fabulous, I will add them to the post later

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Alison said...

Oh the ending sounds ominous! I remember taking Kirsty and six friends to see Westlife...and know EXACTLY what you mean abut how girls scream! Glad you all enjoyed it..you obviously DID send that rain, as we have had 9 straight hours of heavy rain, with no sign of it stopping!
Alison xx