Friday, March 23, 2012

Things I am Loving....

Today I am reflecting on the things I am loving....

Rich Toffee Bars - yes I am loving food, well certain food anyway. I am trying to do Weight Watchers but without using too much of their own food. I want this weight lose to work with ordinary everyday food so when I stop I can continue with food I am use to, haing said that I ahve found their Toffee Bars and they are delish. They are sweet and gooey and just get you through that craving for chocolate you may have, but at just 2 points a bar they are well within the limits of my food for the day.

I am loving little children having a school disco - last night I got to help at the senior disco, it was so cute. All these little 9&10yr old girls out in their best little party frocks dancing away. I love the fact they wanted to wear their best dress to a disco, I know how soon that will change and they will flip to jeans and tops that are as tight as they are short! Ben wore long sleeves and got so hot he turned pink, but he had a blast and is already talking about when they might have another!

I am also loving home help - we got a new sitter this week who helps by collecting the boys from school and brings them home, does homework with them and feeds them dinner.
The boys are lobing her already and the chores are getting done and the homework complete. Life is back to running smoothly for then moment, so what's not to love.

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Have a great weekend

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Miriam said...

The disco sounds SO cute!