Saturday, March 17, 2012


Steve and I both brought a different aray of music to this relationship.
We both have different taste although we also have quite a lot in common.
The boys don't really stand a chance of not liking something we both like.
We listen to Classic Hits on the radio, quite a gentle radio station in that they play hits from 70's, 80's, 90's and today.
Steve, I know, would prefer to listen to something a little more heavier, More FM or The Rock, but I can't say that the presenters language etc are really great for the boys at this stage. Yes I like the songs but not the other areas.
However we seem this year to not be depriving our boys of listening to live music.

It use to be The Funky Monkeys we took them to and now suddenly we are on our way to Auckland to see Taylor Swift.
Yes you read correctly, we are one of those lucky people to have tickets to her world tour in Auckland on Sunday evening. In fact I have just read somewhere that this concert is in fact her very last of the tour. I think we are going to be in for a rather spectacular evening.
Her show has been described as:

"A two-hour theatrical presentation reminiscent of a Broadway experience, featuring elaborate costumes, dancers, aerialists, changing sets, innovative choreography and instrumentation on a multi-level stage."

Apparently she moves around the venue and uses different stages, giving every audience member a great view and she plays five different guitars in the show, including electric, acoustic and 12-string. She also plays two banjos, the ukulele and the piano, and changes costumes nine times.

When I brought the tickets last year (in August) I knew the boys would enjoy it, but we never told them about it until about 2 months ago. For a little while I thought maybe it was going to be too overwhelming for them, but now I think we are in for an amazing night out that will go in their memory bank for a little while to go.

It turns out that in the last few months they have managed to go and see the following people live in concert:
  • Gin Wigmore
  • The Mutton Birds
  • Avalanch City
They have sat (more times than I wish to count) and watched my DVD I have of Celine Dion's concert in Las Vegas and we are for ever playing Lady Antebellum on the stereo and also Adele, Bruno Mars, Def Lepherd and Guns 'n' Roses.

Lady Antebellum actually came to New Zealand this time last year. I got myself a ticket and actually drove up one evening to watch them and then drive home. Not really Steve's cup of tea but I think the boys would have loved them, however it was way loud but then no louder than Taylor Swift is going to be on Sunday evening! I loved their concert and had a blast, in fact I could rate it as one of those nights I will remember for a while.

So our boys are getting a rather varied mixture of music played to them and I think they are doing well with it.
Although we still have the teenage years to go through with them in their own rooms and listening to their own music. Maybe ask me again in 10 years time whether I am happy with what they are listening too then!!


Alison said...

Our daughter grew up listening to a wide variety of music and now listens to the whole spectrum....from YES, to JONI MITCHELL, to THE EAGLES... and everything in between,all the way to BRITNEY!
Alison xx

Alison said...

Meant to the new look!