Sunday, May 25, 2008

Alex and the Cat

The cat has well and truely made himself at home.

We have taken him to the vet and got him checked over. He is fine, about 12-15 months old. No microchip to identify him and they don't recognise him from anyone else bringing him in previously.
So looks like we have a cat.
Not that anyone in the family seems too bothered by this.

The cat has made his place known, as all cats do. One evening this was his favorite spot...

Although when the boys go to bed each night, this is where we find him.

Alex is asleep in this picture but the flash made it light up so clear

He goes up with us at story time and then he snuggles and stayes there for the rest of the night. Usually moving finally about 4.30am.

He is going to the vet on Tuesday to be seen too.

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