Monday, May 19, 2008

Swimming for Alex

Swimming lessons have been going so well for Ben.
Alex on the other hand has not been so good.

When I first registered them for lessons, I discovered that until he was 3 I would have to get in with him, no problems.
The problem was that he didn't seem to like the water.
Funny as seeing how much he loves swimming at the caravan!

Anyway, this has been going on for several weeks now. Donna the Teacher (of Seahorse Class) has been fantastic. She has loads of patience with Alex and has gained his confidence.
Sadly this has not helped and Alex has still spent most of the lesson in tears, shaking and clinging to me when ever we are in the water, he is ok if he is stood on the step.

Today Donna had a brain wave, seeing as he is just about 3, and the teacher taking the next class up (Octopus) had no students, she decided to try him out with the new teacher.
The Octopus class is a lot more about them doing everything. So they are in the shallower water and they walk about more getting their own confidence.

They chase after balls, pick up objects from the step under the water, splash each other etc.

Well it was like having a different child in the water for the last 15 minutes.
He was full of smiles, happily doing things, giving me kisses and big hugs and generally having a great time.
He tipped water over his head pretending to be in a shower, he picked up toys from the step, although his face never actually went in the water, but his chin did, so getting there slowly.
They even think that give it a couple of lessons and I won't even have to get in the water with him. This will be a slow process of me getting in, but remaining on the step whilst the lesson takes place. Thus allowing him the chance to feel confident knowing I am there with him but not actually being there with him.
So Alex is now an Octopus.
Maybe in a couple of weeks we will have 2 boys both looking forward to swimming lessons.

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