Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Doesn't WFMW

I have just gone over to Rocks in my Dryer and discovered that this weeks theme for WFMW is actually 'What doesn't work' rather than what does work.
So having just spent about 20 minutes getting the post all sorted for this weeks carnival I have decided that what doesn't work for me is Time Differences!

Because I am so many hours ahead of the USA I can sometimes write my WFMW in the morning (my morning when the USA is still fast asleep) and then have to wait for the end of my day before I can link it to 'Rocks in my Dryer'. Sometime I don't link it until the next day!
This is great as long as there isn't a particular theme like today.
Oh well, my great tip can wait till next week.


ames said...

That could get annoying, do you have to wait until Thursday to read everyone's posts?

boysmum2 said...

Yes, I follow up with everyone's posts on WFMW on about Thursday or Friday, but hey that is how it goes!