Friday, May 09, 2008

Poor Alex

Alex came home from Daycare yesterday with a very sore bottom.
Turns out he had had a few dirty nappies and they has made him very sore indeed.
He had a few more during the evening and we plastered him with cream each time, this was of great help as it soothed the redness. We also made sure he kept his fluids up as he wasn't eating much.
At 10.30pm last night he came into our room sobbing his little heart out, uncontrollable and beside himself.
He wouldn't stay still and wouldn't let me hold him, he just wanted to scream and curl up on the floor, the reason.....his bottom.
So we quickly changed his nappy, but this was very difficult to do as he was screaming in pain due to the redness.
Now I know it had to be done, but it is heart breaking when you have to hurt you child for their own good. He screamed the whole time we cleaned him up, he wriggled all across the bed just to get away from the pain.
He was sobbing when we went to give him pamol, although he realised it would help him and he took a breath long enough to take the medicine.
Finally he fell asleep in my arms and slept the rest of the night between us in our bed.

Today his bottom is much better, still very red but not as sore. He is still having dirty nappies but at least we can change them without him hitting the roof.

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