Thursday, May 01, 2008


The other day I walked with the boys up to the post office to post all the invitations for the wedding.
Ben spent the whole time telling me how he wanted a big glass of milk from the cafe!
There was no way I was paying for a cafe to give him a glass when we could go home and have it for free.

So when we got home I told them to sit at the table and that I would serve them like they were in a cafe themselves.
I came and took their order and then delivered 2 glasses of milk with a plate of biscuits to the table.
They thought this was such fun and had a great time playing 'cafe' all afternoon, so much so that when daddy came home they made him sit down and be the customer while they set the table for dinner. They also wanted to look like waiters, so we pegged t-towels round their waists and gave them a pen and paper.

It was so cute.

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