Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Book Review

For Mother's day I received a new book that I wanted.
"Sunday at Tiffany's" by James Patterson.
Yes, that same James Patterson who writes all those thrillers.
He has dabbled in a few romance novels and though they are very light hearted, they are well written and sometime light is all you need.

About the book:

Jane Margaux is a lonely little girl. Her father is basically absent, her mother a high powered Broadway producer. The only time Vivienne (her mother) has for Jane is on Sundays, when they stroll the streets of New York and go admire the lovely things at Tiffany’s. Her best (and only) friend is Michael, who is invisible to everyone but her. Some would call Michael “imaginary”, but he wasn’t to Jane. They shared ice cream on Sundays and he walked her to school each day. Until, that is, her 9th birthday, when the rules stated that Michael had to go away. Children usually forget their imaginary friends as time faded, but Jane swore she never would….

Twenty-three years later, Jane is a successful playwright. She still, however, is more trapped by her overbearing mother. Her fiance, while proclaiming to love her, is pushing her to allow him to star in the movie version of her play. One day, she meets a man who is funny and warm…and his name is Michael. Of all the children Michael has been an imaginary friend to, he never forgot Jane Margeaux and he wonders why their paths crossed again. And how was it that, unlike all the other children, Jane never forgot him? Can the best friend of her past turn out to be the true love of her life?

It didn't take me many nights to finish this book. Infact I only got in on Sunday and I finished it last night. If I had the ability to, then I would have finished it in one sitting.

It was different, I enjoyed it and am glad I read it.

I have also read one of his other romance novels, "Suzannes Diary for Nicholas".

So if you want something light hearted to read then give the couple of romance novels by James Patterson a try.

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