Thursday, May 29, 2008

More Swimming

I had the delight yesterday of taking both boys to swimming lessons and my swim suit stayed firmly at home.
Alex was even running to get into the water....yea!

He had his first Octopus class on Monday and it went very well. I was able to sit on the step for a while and then I backed off onto the chairs, half way through the class I went and got changed and sat and watched the class like all the other mum's.

Sadly due to me doing 3 weeks full time work and with next Monday being a Public Holiday, that meant Alex's swimming lessons were over for 4 weeks. So I had a brain wave and managed to get him a make up class yesterday for one he was owed.

He had a ball, the teacher was fabulous, she had him swimming with flutter boards under his arms and blowing bubbles in the water as he did it. I was so proud, especially when I think back to how he was just over a week ago. I never thought we would get to this point of swimming with him.

He was hanging on to the wall and moving along, going into the deep water, but still hanging onto the side like he was asked too. He just took it all in his stride and was such a big boy.

That made me decide to pay for 1 extra lesson next week just so he has continuity with this confidence, otherwise I can see him taking at least 2 steps back in the 4 weeks he doesn't have lessons and that would be a real shame.
To go from a little boy who was clinging to mum anytime we went in the water to one little boy who practically runs to get into the water ready for his lesson within a weeks or so is amazing.

I have no worries about taking them away from lessons for the 3 weeks now as I know they will be fine when we come back to it.

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