Tuesday, May 13, 2008


All of my family (mum, dad and brother) have always been people to join in. Must be a trait for our family.

My dad, when life and work will allow, is a member of Rotary. In the past I remember him being in Wapakoneta Lions, Ohio and also Wapakoneta Optomists, Ohio.
Currently in Dubai he is part of the Hash House Harriers, in fact he holds the top position in the section he is part of!

My mum, is the same, I remember her being part of the Kuwait Players (Amateur Dramatics) A leader in my Brownie pack and any other thing that needed help with.
She played Lawn Bowls at one stage and was on their committee.
Lately she has been in Inner Wheel which is part of Rotary and she has also held high positions, President etc

Myself, I have also joined in with things as my time has come to that stage in life.
I have held committee positions on professional organisations when I was working fulltime.
I have been involved with Parents Centre Inc NZ for the past 5 years, volunteering, and I am currently President of the Hamilton Branch

And now I have noticed that my brother has joined in the family trend. He has taken part in work activities, mountain biking, relay walking etc, he has just become a Volunteer Firefighter where he lives, and he also coaches Soccer for his sons team.

Seems my family are joiners and helpers.

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