Monday, December 01, 2008


We just got to spend the best weekend ever at the caravan so far this year.
The weather was on our side and I could so have stayed there forever and not left.

We went over late on Friday evening and then have done nothing all weekend. We did some swimming, general lazing around and it was the best.
It gave me a taster of what the time over Christmas may be like when we are there.

Nothing was a hassle, or a both.
The boys made friends with some of the other children who are going to be there at Christmas time, one of the little boys comes with his parents to their caravan, so we know he will be back, not just visiting Grandparents. He is 6 yrs old and lives in hamilton.
Think him and Ben are going to have a fab time at Chrsitmas.

The boys are so use to the place now that we are able to let them go and play away from the caravan and know that they know where we are if they need us. Ok they don't go out of the park but are free to take themselves off to the trampoline by themselves if they so wish. The trampoline is 150m away from the caravan and I can look straight down the park and see them bouncing, but it is freedom to them and you have to give them a small amount for them to learn any.
It was so cute though, because they came and asked if they could go down there and then promptly walked down hand in hand to the trampoline. Wish I had run and got the camera and snuck up behind them to capture the moment, definitely one of those 'ah so cute times'

They are unable to get into the pool without us due to the gate, so no worries about them disappearing that way. They know to look out for slow moving cars around the campsite, although people realise that this is a campsite and therefore are very good at going slow due to children! Actually the traffic around the site is minimal, so probably one of the reasons I am happy to let them wander already. There is a playground across the road, but they have not shown any interest in going there yet without us, and hopefully they won't for a while because that is a definite NO.

So roll on Christmas when we get to spend lots of summer days at the caravan, chilling, cruising and relaxing. I have better go to the library and stock up on books.

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