Thursday, December 18, 2008

Job Updates

I have applied for 4 jobs in the last couple of weeks.
The first one at a private hospital. I got offered this job but then decided that it wasn't actually what I wanted, so declined the offer.

The 2nd was with the local Blood Donation Service, but I didn't get too interested in that one, so pulled out before they could interview me.

The 3rd was for a position in the Pre Admit Clinic at the local Hospital, I actually liked this one. I had a wonderful interview last week and was really quite positive. They called on Moday to get some more information from me and said things were looking good. Unfortuantely things couldn't have been looking that good, because today they called to say I had been unsuccessful.
They gave me feedback in that I interviewed very well and that the only thing that lost it for me was the fact the person who got offered the job had previous experience in the area, otherwise she assures me it was a very tight call.

The 4th position is as a vaccinator in the community and I have just received an email today offering me an interview in the New Year. So fingers crossed for that one, because I liked the sound of this one very much too.

Will keep you posted

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Needled Mom said...

I'll be keeping good thoughts for your interview. Are the nursing jobs as numerous in NZ as they are in the states? I get calls almost daily to return to work. I am enjoying being away from the hospital these days.