Monday, December 01, 2008

Girly Bits

As normal, we utilised the pool at the campsite the whole weekend.
Alex however decided on our first trip there that, after he had swallowed water within 20 minutes of being in, this was enough and now was the time to get out!

I was happy to get out with him, so took him into the changing room with me to get dressed.
This is the conversation I had with him whilst there.....

Alex: Why do you have boobies?

Mum: Because I am a girl.

Alex: Oh, ok.

Pause for thought

Alex: Why do you have big ones?

Mum: (having a quick check because I don't remember them being that big) Because I am a very lucky person.

Alex: Oh, ok.

All is right again in the head of a 3 yr old!

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