Monday, December 08, 2008

School Update

Ben is loving school, that simple.
Me, well not so sure, more I wish they would share information with us??

Last week I collected Ben from After School Care and he annouced to me 'tomorrow I need to bring my swim suit!'
I was like 'oh really, says who, where is the note??'

So I decided to go and see if his teacher was still in her room, bearing in mind that it was 5pm!
She was there and I verified with her what Ben had told me...
Her answer......'you need to believe you son!'

Now to me swimming is a big deal. I had questions...
  1. When were they going swimming?
  2. What did they need to bring?
  3. Who was taking the lessons, seeing as there are 19 in the class?
  4. How often are they going?

She was very laid back about the whole thing, but to me as a first time school mum, I expected more. I expected a note explaining that the class was going to start swimming, when it was going to happen, what they needed to wear and bring with them, what they couldn't wear (girls are not allowed to wear bikinis), how often this would take place and whether there was anything we needed to let the school know about our child.

Unfortunately I do not have the luxury of visiting the school everyday that Ben goes because I work, but luckily I was there today, with swimming stuff just in case, due to the fact I didn't know if he had swimming today?

There on the white board at the front of the class was a schedule for swimming, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Nice to finally know, but would have been so much nicer and easier if they had actually communicated with the parents so we all know what is going on, we are new to this after all.

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