Friday, December 19, 2008

Fire Update - Man is Arrested

This is the latest report I can find out there on the www,

A man has been arrested following a number of suspicious fires in Hamilton early this morning, including one at a private hospital where patients had to be evacuated.
The blaze at Braemar Hospital in Frankton started in a wheelie bin at 2.42am on Friday, and quickly spread to the roof of the building.
Of the 32 patients in the hospital, 20 were moved out of the building to other hospitals.
Waikato Assistant fire commander Roy Breeze said the sprinkler system stopped the fire spreading further, but the blaze had burnt through gas and water mains feeding the building, and gas was leaking.
He said more than 30 firefighters attended the fire.
Mr Breeze estimated the damage would run to millions of dollars. A large x-ray machine and related equipment was drenched by the sprinkler system.
Just before 3am there was a second fire in a car in Queens Avenue, and a skip bin at Hamilton Girls High School was set alight about 15 minutes later. A fourth fire was lit in a pile of rubbish.
Police have charged a 22-year-old man in connection with three of the fires.

The fire was started in a part of the hospital just next to a Theatre that performs Cardiac Angiograms, etc. They have a lot of very expensive x-ray machines (MRI Scanner) etc so all their procedures can be done as minimal sugery rather than having to have a major open procedure. Unfortunately x-ray equipement and water do not mix.
This hospital is currently moving to new premises in April next year, so the big question will now be whether it is worth spending all this money to redo the Cath Lab, when it is all being moved in 4 months (the time it will probably take to sort out)?

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Needled Mom said...

That is disgusting! I am so glad that an arrest was made on someone who could do such damage and endanger other's lives.