Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Jobs, jobs and more jobs

I have posted several times now about how I am looking for a new job.
Well back in November I spent a day at home on my own and really looked into it.

I contacted another Private Hospital here in Hamilton and expressed my interest in obtaining work. This lead to a meeting with the Manager, which in turn lead to an interview, which nicely in turn lead to an offer of employment this week.

I also checked out jobs on offer at the local Public Hospital and found 1 that might be different. Not in Theatres like I usually do, but in the Pre Admit Clinic, sort of one step before theatre. So all my theatre knowledge would come in handy when giving information to patients prior to surgery.
Anyway, I had a call today to say that I have been shortlisted and can I make an interview next week? Of course I can.

Steve also met a lady a few weeks ago who is running a vaccination programme next year and is looking for nurses. I have spoken to her and quite like the sound of the job. Ok this one has a few small draw backs like it is only through to November next year, but it is a position in the community working with schools and so therefore I would get school holidays off. Yea.
So I have applied for that position too, but the closing date was only Dec 1, so not expecting to hear if I have been short listed until next week possibly.

So there you go, when it rains it pours.
I will keep you posted, but hopefully when this little project finishes at the end of January next year, I will have a new job to move onto.
Oh and just to give you a heads up, I am turning down the job at the Private Hospital, because I really fancy one of the other 2 jobs.

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