Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Photo Update

Have several pictures that I want to share with you, so have put them all in this post with a little bit by each as to what it is about.

Think this picture is so cool of all my guys. When you are relaxing and chilling out at the caravan, what better way to do it than to sit on Dad!

When you are allowed access to the paints at Daycare, I am sure they should stay on the paper, but unfortunately in Alex's case that never happens! His face, his hair and his clothes are always better canvas's to use! Unfortunately sometimes it takes a day or two for the green to come off his skin, so he wanders around the next day with a green hue to his skin!

They went upstairs and brought down all their 'Little People Toys', and then proceeded to sit there together and play so well for about 20 minutes. It was so cute to see and to listen to what they were saying. With Ben now being at school most of the play was about school and some of what he was saying was exactly what they do at school. It was definitely one of those cute moments. I had to get a picture because they played together so nicely.

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