Monday, October 31, 2011

Worst Parent Award

Unfortunately it is now official, we are the worst parents in the world and we have just been awarded the trophy for it!

In April, at Easter (yes all that long time ago) Ben had 2 teeth fall out, this made number 3 & 4.
However he was not sure about giving them away and so they have sat on his bedside table in the little pot Grandma gave him.
They have happily sat there for the last 6 months and not a word has been said.

However last night Steve came and asked if I had any coins and then told me that Ben had decided to surrender his teeth.

(Yes I know you can see exactly where this is now leading!)

At 7 O'Clock this morning we were officially awarded the award of worst parent in the universe award.
This was awarded as Ben came into our room with tears running down his face proclaiming "the tooth fairy didn't come!"

Yes folks, that is just about it.....we forgot!

We didn't have to make up any excuses as Ben is very good at justifying things for himself and proceeded to say that the reason she didn't arrive was:
  1. He was too late in putting his teeth out
  2. He is a jiggler when he sleeps and therefore she couldn't get to them
  3. His head is too heavy and she was unable to lift the pillow to get to his teeth
We just looked at each other, went 'Oh woops' and told him that yes the tooth fairy would probably try again tonight and lets maybe put the teeth somewhere where she can get to them!


Lea said...

oh funny story. let's hope she visits tonight. our tooth fairy got caught in the act so I have held that same worst parent award.
visiting from blogtoberfest..

Anonymous said...

aww my parents always forgot and I would find the money during the day in a random place!

Alison said...

I've been caught out many times...the tales we came up with as excuses!! Hope the fairy made it this time!
Alison xx

Cat said...

We are STILL waiting on the first tooth to fall out