Monday, September 08, 2008

1st Day

I have not actually known what to do with myself today!?
Alex and I got to swimming at least 1/2 an hour before we needed to.....


Because our little big boy started school today.

So am I happy or sad?
A little of both actually.

Did I cry?
Well I got a lump in my throat for about 2 seconds as Steve told me 'he would be ok' as we left the school, but a quick hug from Alex and I was fine.

I guess I was more worried about him not knowing what to do at lunchtime or getting himself confused about something and not knowing what to do or who to ask.
Other than that I am very happy for him to be at school, he so needs the stimulation that school will give him, someone else for him to ask all the questions too.
But how can I be worried when as the the teacher was taking the attendance roll this morning she casually asked the class 'what date is it today on my board?' and this voice popped up and said 'the 8th' and guess what? was Ben that had said the date, so what am I worried about he is already answering questions in class!

He looked so smart and grown up in his school uniform this morning, although his school bag was just about as big as him and probably as heavy! At least today was the only day that he had to carry all his books to school as they all live at school from now on and he just brings home his homework book and reading book, so a lot less to carry in his huge bag.

My best friends have been wonderful, I received a text from one making sure I was alright and I had a lovely talk with the other on the phone when I had nothing to do whilst sitting outside swimming. Makes the day go so much better when you have friends checking on you and thinking about you on these special days in your life.

Alex has had a good day, although everynow and then he has asked 'where's B?' and I will say 'school' and he will then be like 'oh ok' but it has felt weird not having him around. Usually if you are at home with just Alex then it is because Alex is not well and Ben is at Daycare and then you wouldn't be out doing things.
So I will now get some snacks ready for my big boy and then Alex and I will go and collect him from his momentous first day at school.

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Kent and Leisy said...

i love his red hair!!