Thursday, September 11, 2008

What Would You Do.....?

At family circle time the other evening I asked the boys 'What they would they buy if they had lots of money?'

Wendy, my best friend, has a 16 yr old son. Her husband and she have just finished a 6 week parenting course on Teenagers.
One of the things she got from this course was a box of conversation starters for dinnertime, because everyone knows that dinnertime is when teenagers say the least!
I happened to read one the other day whilst at her house and then suddenly thought I would try it on my 2 monkeys.

The responses we got was definitely not quite what I expected.

Ben - he would buy a scooter or skateboard for his big friend Jake. Although when we told him that we thought Jake already had one, then he said he would get something else for Jake.
Alex - he would sort out getting 2 dolls houses made for his friend Eleanor and apparently Bob the Builder and Wendy, with Lofty, Scope, Dizzy and Muck are all going to help him make these houses.

Ok maybe the answers were a little far fetched, but the thing that I got from it was that they had both thought of other people instead of themselves.

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