Monday, September 08, 2008

Alex Swimming

Alex had his swimming lesson this week and as usual loved it.
He has learnt how to float on his back and it is so funny to watch the teacher give him his float board, lay him on his back and then just go off and leave him floating around the pool, where he will just float for ages without going under.

Just floating around

They also tried a new activity this week, which was to sit on the floating board with their back to the teacher and then the teacher helped them to fall backwards into the water. Some of the children just fell back and others managed to do a roll at the same time as falling in, thus making them come up standing the right way up.

Alex wasn't so sure of this as he was told to put his goggles on his head and he didn't like that so much, said it hurt and that he wanted them on his eyes like normal.

I sit on the board like this.....

And then I end up in the water like this.

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