Monday, September 01, 2008

Random Acts of Kindness

Today, here in New Zealand is Random Acts of Kindness Day, well that is what they said on the radio this morning.
I love random acts, I think they are just so great, makes you feel good for doing it and makes the other person feel good to have someone think about them.

I did a random act of kindness today whilst at swimming. Ben had finished his lesson and Alex was having his.

There was this little girl, probably about 2 1/2 yrs, sat in the playpen whilst her mum and baby sister were in the pool having a lesson.
Now this child sat there and sobbed. I mean really sobbed, talk about huge act and all that, she had mum just where she wanted her, at the end of her little pinky!

So the mum decided to get out of the pool and sit this child on a chair with her soft toys. She then went back into the water. So I decided to move and sit next to the little girl so mum didn't have to worry about her for the last 20 minutes of the lesson.
Mum waved to her at every oppotunity and she was very talkative.

She interacted with Ben and became quite relaxed and happy. Mum saw all this and carried on with her lesson.
Ben and the little girl even wanted to get in the playpen before the end and so I lifted them both in and they played together so nicely.

When the lesson was finished I went and got Alex dressed and then he wanted to play in the playpen, so I stood and let them all play together.
The mum then came and got her 2 children out of the playpen, looked at me with a funny look and then just walked off.

Now I wasn't expecting any huge praise or anything, but an acknowledgement of some small amount would have been so nice.
I didn't do a random act to get any praise or thanks, but I felt so snubbed.

But the day was not all lost, because we had to go downtown after swimming to pay some bonds for the venues we are hiring for the wedding.
When I had done this the boys and I had some other little errands to run.
Unfortunately they took longer than expected and so we stopped to get some lunch. When I had been served I then had to master a tray of food, with the puschair and Ben walking.

For 2 seconds I thought 'oh yea, like how will this happen' I was just about to get Ben to push the pushchair when this lady appeared and asked if I needed a hand.
Said she had heard on the radio today about helping people today and so she was helping me.

Ya ho, there is a kind world out there, it does go round in circles when you least expect it.

So go on, do a random act of kindness and make someone else smile today.

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