Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Yep that is right, we are now home from our honeymoon.
We didn't want to come home, but are so happy to be here with our 2 little munchkins.

I really enjoyed my week away from them, didn't actually miss them that much, but on the other hand I missed them loads.
It was lovely to have days to myself and not have someone constantly going "Mummy, I need, or Mummy I want?!"

I was fine with being away from them until the last night, when whilst sat in the hotel restaurant having dinner, I noticed a lady with a young boy, he must have been about 4 or 5 and all he wanted to do was go to sleep, it was about 7.30pm.
As I turned and looked over at this scene my heart went crazy.
All I could think about was how just only a week before I had been sat in that exact same position during our wedding reception trying to eat my dinner whilst Alex slept on my lap!

At that point I was so glad we were getting on the plane to come home the next morning.
The flights home were the longest ever when your heart hurts, especially the short 25 minute flight from Auckland to Hamilton that got delayed for a while and then seemed to take ages to take off.
When we finally landed I think I was running across the tarmac to get into the building to see the boys.

There they were stood with Grandma, waiting patiently.
Ben turned and saw me and ran and I just ran to him, picked him up in the biggest hug ever and cried.
Cried because I was so happy to hug them both, because I was tired from travelling and because I get emotional when I travel home from holidays etc.

It actually ended with me kneeling on the airport floor hugging both of them and I could see all the ladies standing around smiling and watching their hearts break with the knowing feeling of what I was going through hugging my boys after being away.

Tahiti was wonderful and we have loads of pictures and stories to share.
So I will get myself organised and over the next few days share with you our experience of honeymooning on Moorea, an island of Tahiti.

Glad to be back,

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