Friday, September 05, 2008

Birthday Boy

Today is our big boy's 5th Birthday.

We have finally got to the next chapter in his amazing life.
He woke us up this morning saying 'Get up guys, let's start my birthday'
We of course had presents that went down a treat. We managed to get just what he wanted.

He got a scooter, which he has seen lots of kids ride to school, so of course he wanted one! Although he wont be riding his to school.

He got a view finder, with several extra discs to look at. Now these are not new because I had one when I was his age. They make a come back every so often. I love them, think they are so simple but great fun.

We also got him a little kit to make a mosaic picture of a car. Something creative that he can sit quietly and do with us one time, maybe during the school holidays when Alex will be at daycare.

The day itself has been glorious. So very different to the day he was born. The sun has been shining since we left the house this morning, it was grey and cloudy and blowing a gail when he was born!

So we have spent much of it outside, running around, meeting daddy for lunch in the park and as always, getting the washing done.

Sadly when we took the scooter out of the box this morning the brake was broken, so our first job of the day after taking daddy to work, was to go and replace the scooter. Turns out there was a fault with that type and so we ended up buying one that cost more than the original one, but at least it works.

I haven't got too sentimental over this day, as he was born at 01.30am so all my sentimental time was yesterday as I watched the clock and remembered what I was doing this time 5 years ago!

He is already and raring to go for school on Monday, so the day maybe very easy as I get the feeling we will not be allowed to stay at school with him for more than 5 minutes before he kicks us out and tells us to 'go away'

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