Thursday, September 04, 2008

Wedding Proposal

As you all know by now, I am getting married in 2 weeks time.
Steve and I got engaged back in March, and it kinda has a fun story to it.

My cousin Kerry, who is going to be my bridesmaid, got married herself last November. The boys were ring bearers at the ceremony and looked so cute in their little tuxedos.
At the reception in the evening, I caught Steve talking to my dad, nothing too strange here, as they do get on really well and dad was just back in the country for a couple of days.
They both said something to me as I passed them and then they told me to go away as they were talking.
This struck me as a little odd, but I didn’t dwell on it further.

Later on in the evening, my dad, now with a few drinks in him, came and sat down next to Steve, across the table from me and proceeded to say...

'Tomorrow would be a good day my son'

To which Steve quietly replied

'I was hoping to do it in a couple of weeks time with a ring!'

Now at the time I am not sure if they realised that I was there and that however quietly they were whispering, I could still hear them!
Later on I even saw Steve talking to my mother, so I knew he was doing the rounds of the family.

You see I had always said that when it ever came to the time when he wanted to propose to me, and he had to propose to me as I was never asking him, read about that here, I wanted him to do the right nice thing and ask my dad first, knew my dad would be quite chuffed at that happening.

So I let it go and moved it to the back burner and got on with the weekend.
The next day just happened to be my birthday, so the day was a little long with me wondering if at anytime Steve might ask me.
My cousin went on her honeymoon / OE Holiday for 8 weeks and at the airport I told her what I had overheard, mainly because I thought that by the time she returned I would be engaged.

The following week I was looking at some rings and necklaces in a catalogue and Steve asked me if I had seen anything I liked? I knew of course why he was asking me, but he was not aware that I knew.
I told mum that I knew what he was asking and she told me to be quiet and not ruin it for him, which I would never have done.
I told her that I would therefore be getting married in 2009 when they returned from Dubai, but she was pretty adamant that I was going to be getting married in 2008.
Turned out that Steve and Dad had even planned when I was going to get married because Steve and I were planning on going to Dubai to see mum and dad and they had decided between them that we would turn the holiday into our honeymoon.

The following week, Steve and I passed through our 8 year anniversary of getting together and still nothing happened.
Then the days that it could have happened on just kept flying past:
Christmas Day
Boxing Day – his birthday
New Years
Valentines Day
Even Feb 29 came along, in fact the day before he actually asked me. Not that I would have ever asked him.

At Christmas time my Uncle took me on a turn about the garden, whilst at a BBQ and proceeded to ask what was happening? Turns out my dad had let it slip to his big brother. So I reassured him that nothing had happened and that he would know when I knew.
That same day my Sister in Law Claire asked when Steve was ever going to marry me, to which I then told her about Kerry’s wedding and everything to date. She said she knew all that and that in fact so did just about all the family members in New Zealand.
So for the next 10 weeks just about all my family knew that sometime, when he got round to it, Steve was going to propose to me.

In fact the only person who didn’t seem to know that Steve was going to propose to me was STEVE!

Some 14 weeks after I had heard him talking to my dad, I discovered a receipt in his pocket for a large sum of money at Diamond & Time, Jewelers.
I do the laundry in the house so I do empty pockets before I wash things!
So then I knew that finally after nearly 15 weeks of agony maybe he was going to ask me to marry him!
On the Tuesday before, he casually asked if I could get a sitter for the next Saturday so we could maybe go out for a drink!
I not only got a sitter but on the Friday I got a manicure too!

And of course on Saturday 1st March he finally asked me and I finally got the ability to say yes to him.

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