Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our Wedding

By the wonderful powers of modern technology, I am able to bring you some pictures of our wedding from yesterday. They were taken by one of the guests at the wedding.
Unfortunately they are not the greatest pictures but they will give you an idea of our wonderful day.
We were so lucky in that the sun shone from 6am onwards and never stopped.
It was the best day we have had this spring, so I think the gods were watching us for this day.
The temperature soared, and there I was spending the whole 2 months before the wedding wondering how myself and the bridesmaid would keep warm on the day, and we had no worries about that, we didn't need shawls at all.
Everything went as smoothly as it was planned.
We had all our friends and family there with us and it was just how things should have been.

The Greenhouse where we held the ceremony

After the ceremony we went and had afternoon tea in the pavilion with the cutting of the cake.
This was followed by lots of pictures in all the most wonderful places around the themed gardens with all our frinds and family.

This is our friend Wendy, who kindly sent us the pictures that you are now looking at.

The Italian Gardens where I would have loved to have held the ceremony, but due to getting married in early spring I couldn't guarentee the weather, so settled for just having pictures taken here.

Ben and Alex had an amazing day and loved seeing everyone.

We are now off on our honeymoon for a week in Tahiti whilst my mum, grandma, looks after the boys.

Have a great week and catch you soon.


Kent and Leisy said...

How WONDERFUL! you look beautiful and so does everything else!! I can't wait to see more pictures! and I LOVE your dress- wow :)

ElleMae said...

Congratulations Kathryn and Steve! Sally told me you'd had your big day and Kathryn, you look beautiful... well done!