Monday, September 15, 2008

Hen's Party Update

On Saturday I went to Rotorua to have my Hen's Party.
It was a glorious day and a lovely break away, even just for 24 hours.
We drove over in the morning and spent the afternoon in the spa pool at Polynesian Spa Pools.
There was about 7 of us there and it was lovely just soaking in the warm water outside gossiping.
We finally got out after about 2 hours as we were all turning to prunes and beginning to feel a little light headed.

The evening was spent at a Moroccan restaurant that has just opened in Rotorua called Abracadabra.
It was fabulous, they had several little rooms away from the main restaurant, so there was 12 of us in our own little private green room.
So we could laugh and joke as much as we wanted without disturbing other people, we didn't have to listen to loud music being piped through and we could stay there as long as we wanted.
Apart from unfortunately having to wait a rather long time for the food to eventually arrive, it was a great meal. Good food and plenty of it.

They dressed me in fairy wings, a veil and tinsel for the evening. I think I was beginning to look like the Christmas Tree Fairy at the end.

Mum with our family friend Lynne

Aunty Pauline, she just blinked as the flash went and it caught one eye slightly closed, she is not drunk!

Veil and wings

Tinsel, wings and veil

The next day, mum and I headed over to the dressmakers to have a finally trying on of my dress. It is now all complete and hanging in my best friends house here in Hamilton.
Couldn't leave it hanging anywhere here at home as no rooms with anywhere that I could hang it so Steve won't noisy about it!
It looks awesome. Just right for me and so well done. I am very happy with how it turned out because it is now slightly different to how it was originally going to look.
I will post pictures of it next week sometime as son as I have some on the computer.

The weekend was also another momentous time for me, as it was the first time that Steve had ever been on his own over night with the boys.

May sound odd to some, but he has always been honest with me and said he wasn't sure he could cope. Ok also the opportunity for me to have a night away and leave him with the boys has never really come up. Yes I know he has had plenty of nights away and left me with the boys, but they have always been for work, 3 days this year and yes 3 weeks worth last year as we moved to Hamilton, but I have had 3 years of daily doses of the boys to learn how to deal with them all day.
I was always wary of leaving him when the boys were slightly younger because he was very good at having hypos at night and I always worried about who was going to help him if it was serious.

I do still have that worry all the time, but he doesn't seem to have many hypos at the moment so not so worried, plus the boys are older now and a lot easier to deal with, so no worries that he is going to get all hung up trying to sort the boys out and not eat enough.

So all in all a great weekend, apart from the part where my uncle was rushed into hospital at 1am on Sunday morning. Yes he is very sick, yes he has had an operation but he is now actually making a great recovery and crisis is a lot calmer now, although it was enough of a crisis for my dad to change his travel plans and be coming home a day earlier so he has more time to see him.

Only 5 days to go until the wedding

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