Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sudden Dayout

At 5 to 10 this morning I got a text from my best friend saying 'Funky Monkeys on in 5 mins'
thinking she meant the tv, I quickly turned it on and tried to find the channel I thought it would show on, whilst also texting her back asking 'where?'

The reply I got back was not quite what I expected ' stage by river, city side'

So there I was screaming round the house for everyone to get their shoes on, me, who had just finished vacuuming was trying to get dressed, fast and we just flew out the door into the car.
Steve is driving over the bridge whilst we quickly discuss between us where we can park etc.
Ended with him dropping us off and he went to park the car.

The boys and I ran down the hill, past all these poor adults who must have thought we were mad, at the same time as singing 'head, shoulders, knees and toes' because you could hear the Funky Monkeys on the stage.

We found our friends, plonked down on the grass, watched the show and then told them that more than 5 minutes notice would be lovely next time!
Ben loves the Funky Monkeys, to the extent that if possible he would become the 4th Funky Monkey. He has met Chris, Neil and Joe many times and is always inviting them round for lunch, sadly they are always busy.

The event that was on was actually one that we knew about, the Great Race, a rowing race between Waikato University and Cambridge University, yes the one from England, that is usually racing Oxford!
But we had just expected to wander down to the river for the first race at 12.
Instead we ended staying out all day in the glorious weather that Hamilton has managed to produce for the last couple of days, having an impromptu picnic that was quickly brought from the local supermarket across the road.

With nothing else to do today and the fact it is Father's Day, then we had a great day out with friends that seemed to keep everyone happy.
Have a great week.

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